This BUKI on the environmental chemistry of antimony is just starting. We have now the initial structure. Some sections are already populated but most are still empty. You will find the sections already active in the right hand-side menu. Many sections contain subsections. Explore…

Because of their importance and transversal caracter, analytical methods have their own section in the main menu.


- A Research Front on Antimony has just been published in Environmental Chemistry

- A session on Antimony will take place at next ICOBTE, Zurich, Switzerland in July 2017


Update RF in Environmental Chemistry, upload program conference 2005
MF 17/11/2016

Grey literature, blood, urine, milk, food, hair concentrations completed. Navigation improved
MF 02/11/2016

New BUKI logo, designed by Laia Bonet, incorporated. News section started. Clarification added in the homepage about what a BUKI is
MF 31/05/2016

Some sections corrected and completed
MF 05/04/2016

Sections filled up in order to test the structure and be used as examples
MF 27/03/2016

The first structure of the website built. This 'easy' theme turns out to be limited but very simple to use
MF 26/03/2016

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