Biology Club

We are pleased to inform you that the Biology Club will continue in 2019-2020!


Every 3rd Monday of the month, a Post-Doc in the Life Sciences field will present their work at 12:15 am in room 1S059 (Science III building).
The talk (~20 minutes) should address a wide audience and it will be followed by questions and discussion.
Their PI will be invited to introduce the speaker.


This will be an opportunity for all of us to get to know our Post-Doc colleagues and to learn about their scientific work. Furthermore, this is a renewed opportunity to bring together researchers from different fields of biology, to hear exciting results, and to exchange ideas.


PIZZAs and DRINKs will be offered after the talks.


We are looking forward to meeting you there! 

The Biology Club talks are open to everyone, without need for registration.


Update - Spring 2020:
Following the measures adopted by the UNIGE to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, we will organize the next seminars via Zoom. The link will be sent by e-mail to the participants before each meeting.


Detailed program:





16 September

Andrea Picco

Visualizing the molecular organisation, dynamics, and evolution of protein complexes by live-cell imaging


21 October

Adai Colom

 Measuring lipid membrane properties : From in vitro to in vivo


18 November

Satohiro Okuda

 Plant membrane receptor signaling; structural analyses lead peptide antagonist design and co-receptor identification


16 December

Federico Miozzo

 Investigating neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease: Fer2/Nato3 transcription factors protect dopaminergic neurons in fly and mammals


20 January

Marine Laporte

 Revealing the 'coeur' of the centriole with expansion microscopy 


17 February

Jinsheng Zhu

 Inositol PyroPhosphates, a new class of Signaling Molecules Control Phosphate Homeostasis in Plants


20 April (webinar)

Joachim Moser von Filseck

 Understanding the mechanisms of membrane deformation by ESCRT-III proteins


18 May (webinar)

Manoel Prouteau

 TORC1 Organised in Inhibitory Domains (TOROIDs): from structure to regulation


15 June (webinar)

Tania Rodriguez

 Using the pigeon to learn how the visual system develops BIOCHEM

20 July (webinar)

Vinay Shukla

Some Shall Pass: Barrier plasticity for nutrient acquisition in roots PLANTBIO