Research at UNIGE - Facts and Figures


3'950 research staff from 113 foreign countries

  •  595 professors
  •  3'355 teaching and research collaborators - including 1'904 doctoral students                                                    


More than 130 million francs acquired each year on a competitive base

  • 104.9 million francs granted to researchers in 2012 from the Swiss National Science Foundation(SNSF), primary institution encouraging research in Switzerland
  • 24 million francs received in 2012 from the European Commission for the researchers participation in European research framework programs
  • Consequent funds obtained from many foundations


Multidisciplinarity and centres of competence

A great variety of research fields covering all areas being taught in the 8  faculties                             

8 National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR) established at UNIGE since 2001:

  • Materials with Novel Electronic Properties (MANEP)
  • Frontiers in Genetics
  • Affectives Sciences
  • Chemical Biology
  • LIVES - Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course
  • Synaptic Bases of Mental Disease
  • SwissMAP - The Mathematics of Physics
  • PlanetS


A challenging environment for researchers

Access to cutting-edge research infrastructures like  :

  • One of the most powerful computer in the world
  • A unique facility dedicated to brain and behavioural studies
  • A biomedical imaging center equipped with the most powerful MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) in the world (14 Tesla)
  • More than 5 million documents through the Geneva Library Network, 30'000 electronic journals and an extraordinary collection of archives


A european and international research

  • Worldwide collaborations with more than 110 countries and more than 3'000 institutions including the most prestigious
  • 250 participations to the 7th European Framework Program (FP7)
  • 19 European projects coordinations


Dynamism and productivity

  • A doubling of the annual number of UNIGE scientific publications in 20 years
  • Currently about 3'500 articles published each year, on average 10 per day 
  • Cutting-edge discoveries made each year (2013 overview)
  • About 50 seminars, conferences and symposiums are taking place each week  
  • In 10 years more than 350 invention announcements, 150 license agreements, 20 start-ups and 600 industrial research agreements


Talented researchers

  • Many awards and distinctions are annually bestowed upon UNIGE researchers                                
  • The Fields Medal was awarded  to a mathematician from UNIGE in 2010
  • So far, 31 researchers from UNIGE have received a European grant of excellence (ERC Grant)


National and International UNIGE ranking

  • 2nd of the 21 Swiss institutes of higher educations for SNSF funding in 2012                                       
  • 38th in the Top-50 participant organisations in FP7 (2010 FP7 Interim Evaluation)
  • 66th among 20’000 universities in the world (Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014)