CAS Children's Rights


  • To acquire specialised knowledge in children’s rights in their theoretical as well as in their practical dimensions through an international and an interdisciplinary approach to the study of children’s rights
  • To understand and critically discuss the role of international instruments on children’s rights in the implementation and monitoring of children’s rights, with a particular focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • To develop the ability to contribute to the resolution of child rights related issues and problems
  • To exercise tools to effectively use human rights standards and mechanisms at the international and national level



Professionals who work with children’s rights issues : lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, judges, law enforcement officers, social workers, teachers, government officials, staff from governmental and non governmental organisations, academics and journalists.  



2 week-long residential modules to be chosen among the following modules :

15-19 May 2017
Module 2: Interdisciplinary childhood studies
Valais Campus (Sion)

18-22 Sept. 2017
Module 3: Children’s rights and international law
University of Geneva

27 Nov.-1 Dec. 2017
Module 4: Child labour and education
Valais Campus (Sion)

12-16 March 2018
Module 5: Children’s rights and criminal justice
Valais Campus (Sion)

4-8 June 2018
Module 6: Children’s rights and health
University of Geneva

26-30 Nov. 2018
Module 7: Children’s rights and migration
Valais Campus (Sion)


Registration fee:

CHF 150.- (non refundable)

Tuition fees:

The total tuition fee for the 2 Modules is CHF 5'000.- . This sum  does not include travel or living expenses.



Mrs Hortense Hofer
E-mail : 
Tel. :+41 (0) 27 205 73 93


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