GERG - Geneva Emotion Research Group

The Geneva Emotion Research Group, co-directed by Professors Klaus Scherer, David Sander, and Didier Grandjean is part of an multidisciplinary center for the affective sciences (Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives - CISA) at the University of Geneva. The members of our group work on theoretical development and empirical research in the affective sciences. We conduct research into many aspects of emotions, with special emphasis on

  • emotion-constituent appraisal processes
  • multimodal expression of emotion in face, voice, and body
  • central and peripheral physiological reaction patterns
  • subjective experience of emotional processes
  • neural structures and circuits underlying the emotion process

Our research methods include experimental studies in both laboratory and field settings, using emotion induction and sampling of naturalistic emotions, as well as computer-simulation approaches. In addition to conducting basic research on emotional processes, members of our group are also involved in a number of applied projects including

  • emotional competence and emotional disturbance
  • affective computing
  • aesthetic emotions in music, literature, and art
  • emotion in language and culture
  • stress and emotions in organizational settings
  • emotion and odour
  • emotion in communication

This site provides information on present and past members of the group, current research projects, available research materials, and publications. The site also hosts a web publication series - the Geneva Studies in Emotion and Communication that provides an outlet for research reports and conference contributions by members of our group. The site also provides access to a number of data bases and demonstrations developed by our group and made available for general use.