Cloudy atmosphere in the Swiss Alps (Photo: © 2008 Martin Beniston).


Integrated Project (IP1): SECOND CHANCE Socio-Economic Consequences Due to Changing Climates and Extremes

This project, completed in 2010 in the context of the second phase of the NCCR-Climate consortium, had the aim of addressing two integrative aspects related to the climate change debate, namely the economic consequences of changing snow cover on winter tourism and hydro-power resources, and the economic damages on buildings and other infrastructure exterted by strong wind-storms in a changing climate. A further addition to the project is related to possible policy and economic strategies to face up to changing water resources (some aspects of this work have been integrated into the major EU/FP7 ACQWA project coordinated by our group - click on the ACQWA menu in the left-hand column of this page for more information).

The modeling of the physical environment (climatic change, snow modeling, wind-stress on buildings, etc.) are conducted by the climate group at the University of Geneva, while close contacts have been established with the economics group of Prof. Philippe Thalmann at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) for "converting" the climate information into economic terms (damage costs).


Scientists working on the project

Martin Beniston, Professor

Stephane Goyette, Senior Scientist

Bastienne Uhlmann, PhD researcher

Christophe Etienne, PhD researcher

Margot Hill, PhD researcher