PLEA 2006

23rd International Conference on
Passive and Low Energy Architecture
Geneva Switzerland 6 – 8 September 2006


Keynote speakers

  • Benjamin DESSUS «Energie et environnement, la nécessité de repenser nos infrastructures»

  • Robert HASTING «A time journey through solar architecture – 1900 into the future»

  • Bureau Baumschlager-Eberle, «Work»

  • Thomas HERZOG, «Extension to the head office of SOKO-BAU, the pensions and benefits fund of German building industry, in Wiesbaden»

  • Mario CUCCINELLA, «Work»

  • Paula CADIMA, «Retrofitting of social housing: opportunities from the intelligent energy Europe - programme»

  • Simos YANNAS, «Learning environment»

  • Edgard GOUVEIA Júnior, «Empowerment» (doc 2)

  • Alexandros TOMBAZIS, Introductory remarks for round table discussion: «case studies – from theory to practice»

  • METRON, Round Table

PLEA Award


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