12-hex SiPM + cones, preamplifier & slow control boards for CTA SST-1M telescopes (Astroparticles / Ground)
AMS ATLASpix1 monolithic CMOS sensors for the ATLAS Inner Tracker of the LHC (High Energy Physics)
Tracker Front End hybrid for DAMPE space experiment (Astroparticles / Space)
32-ch DRS4 5Gs/s USB3 VME format acquisition board (Neutrinos)
Layout of a fully-featured ASIC, 3 by 10 pixels matrix for a sub-100 ns Time-of-Flight PET scanner (High Energy Physics)
96-ch SiPM USB3/Gigabit Link Front-End board for Baby-Mind experiment (Neutrinos)

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Département de Physique Nucléaire et Corpusculaire | 2017 | Impressum.