Pranvera Kėllezi

Pranvera Kėllezi is attorney at law in Geneva practising competition and business law. She holds a PhD in competition law (summa cum laude) from the University of Geneva, where she also studied law, and an LL.M. in EU law from the College of Europe, Bruges. She is the author of several publications in the field of Swiss and European competition law. Before practicing as a lawyer, she worked as in-house counsel specialising in competition law for a European trade association. She is a Board Member of International League of Competition Law (LIDC) and an active member of several associations.

European Competition Law (autumn)

Switzerland’s geographical position makes knowledge of EU competition law essential for Swiss companies as well as the headquarters of several international corporate groups. Their economic activities are typically oriented towards European markets. EU competition law belongs to the risk management process of many firms: it affects all types of agreements they enter into and a broad range of commercial practices that may be considered as abuse of dominant positions, as well as mergers and acquisitions (merger control). Various economic sectors are concerned, from retail and consumer merchandise to luxury goods and technology-intensive products and services. Today, no company can afford to ignore high fines resulting from breach of competition laws and the associated risk of unenforceability of their commercial transactions. Last but not least, companies and their counsel should be familiar with the extensive investigation powers of the European Commission; in particular, they should also be aware of their rights and duties during dawn raids, their obligation to testify, as well as other specific procedures, including the possibility of leniency or of a negotiated outcome (commitments).