5th Children’s Rights Research Symposium

The Centre for Children’s Rights Studies of the University of Geneva is pleased to organise the 5th edition of the Children’s Rights Research Symposium (CRRS) for doctoral researchers. Theme of the symposium is:

Conversations between Children’s Rights and Childhood Studies

31 août - 1er septembre 2017 - Uni Carl Vogt

Through a series of plenary conversations and paper presentations, the symposium wishes to address where and how children’s rights studies have taken on board insights from childhood studies, and vice versa. In particular, we want to explore how individual researchers navigate their ongoing research projects between the rich and diverse histories, concepts, theories and methodologies of both fields.

Informations : https://www.unige.ch/cide/fr/actualites/5th-childrens-rights-research-symposium

Contact : crrs2017(at)unige.ch

13 juin 2017

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