16.12.2016 - Conférence de Yvonne AYO : Narrative approaches in systemic psychotherapy

Dans le cadre du séminaire de maîtrise de l'Orientation psychologie clinique intégrative, conférence de

Yvonne AYO
The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

Narrative approaches in systemic psychotherapy

Vendredi 16 sécembre 2016 - 8h15 - Uni Mail - salle 2160


Narrative therapies developed from ideas in social constructionism about how we make sense of our experience through language. Sarbin (1986) refers to ‘the storied nature of human conduct’, which describes how we give accounts of ourselves to ourselves and to others. 

We are selective about what is included in our stories, what is left out. Stories have been crafted in particular ways and may well change as time goes on. Personal accounts are an important way a person makes sense of the world. Equally important is the family’s reaction to that account. 

The narrative metaphor proposes that everyone lives in a multi-storied life. As a result no one story can speak to the totality of a person’s lived experience. However, single stories or versions are often problem-saturated stories about loss, incompetence, vulnerability that constitutes the totality of a person’s life in a way that is very restricted. Narrative therapy aims to uncover the strengths, resilience, skills, and competencies that can tell a different story to the individual and to others. (Wagner and Watkins, 2005). 

There are three ways in which narrative approaches can be systemic: 1) exploring the connections between the beliefs and stories about relationships and events from everyone involved in the network of concern, 2) by generating multiple perspectives about these events, 3) by exploring the fit between older and more current stories about self, others, events and the relationship between them. (Vetere and Dowling, 2005) .

The workshop will provide an outline of narrative approaches with particular techniques used with clients.

28 novembre 2016

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