01.03.2017 - Conférence d'Agnieszka WYKOWSKA : Mechanisms of attention in social contexts

Dans le cadre du séminaire de maîtrise en psychologie "Attention et fonctions exécutives", conférence de

Agnieszka WYKOWSKA
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, Italie

Mechanisms of attention in social contexts

Mercredi 1er mars 2017 - 16h15 - Uni Mail - salle S050


 In daily lives, our brains use various cognitive mechanisms to efficiently interact with the environment, also with the social environment. For example, the mechanism of attention can be a very powerful tool which allows focusing on relevant information and signals. This talk will be dedicated to one of the mechanisms of social attention: gaze following. Gaze following happens as a result of orienting attention to a direction of another agent’s gaze. It has been examined with the use of the gaze cueing paradigm, a modified version of a Posner-cueing experimental protocol. In my talk, I will discuss mechanisms involved in gaze following. I will present data showing various sources of top-down control of over the gaze following mechanism. I will present both behavioural and EEG/ERP results indicating that the bottom-up component of gaze following can be modulated by factors such as participants’ beliefs about the mental states of the observed agent or inferred action intentions. The final part of the talk will be dedicated to presentation of a novel approach in examining mechanisms of social attention: the use of interactive protocols with embodied artificial agents (humanoid robots). The talk will conclude by pointing out future directions in research on social attention.

22 février 2017

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