Biographical Note

Susanne Kaiser, born in 1956, studied psychology at the University of Zurich where she obtained her Ph.D. in 1990. From 1990-1992 she hold a post-doctoral teaching/research position at the Psychological Institute University of Zürich, Switzerland.In 1992, she was appointed tenured assistant professor (Maître d'enseignement et de recherche) of psychology at University of Geneva, Switzerland, and joined the Geneva Emotion Research Group. Since October 2003 she is a professor of psychology at the University of Geneva. Her teaching and research activities focus on the areas of emotion, facial expression analysis and synthesis, nonverbal communication, emotion-cognition interaction, motivational factors in collaboration, human-computer interaction, embodied agents, and stress. She is principal investigator of several research programs, financed by the Swiss National Foundation Since 2005 she is a member of the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences, one of 20 National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR) established by the Swiss federal government. With the University of Geneva as its home institution, the Centre coordinates collaborative research by psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, historians, economists, social scientists, and legal scholars.