Temperament Profile of Your Child

This is a test to find out about a child's temperament. Numerous investigations have shown that children's behavior is affected by their temperament. A helpful insight from this research is that there is not only one way to be normal. Rather, what should be considered normal is what is normal for a given temperament. A temperament profile can help to provide insight into the different needs of different children. This, in turn, helps us to understand the child's reactions, plan accordingly, reduce conflict, and thereby convey a better self-image to the child.

With this test, you can obtain a temperament profile for any child (yours or another's) between 2 and 8 years of age. In addition, the current test also assesses your ideal expectations toward the child. Thus, a goodness-of-fit profile is also provided by this test. In addition to verbal descriptions, the test offers a graphical display of both profiles. The test has been developed from the most recent research and has been shown to provide valid assessments of a child's temperament.

In order to obtain the two profiles, you have to respond to a series of questions regarding the behavior of the child, followed by questions regarding your ideal expectations toward the child. There will also be a few questions about age, gender, nationality, and so forth.

The test is free and the profiles will be displayed as soon as you submit your answers.

In general, the test takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

All answers will be coded anonymously and treated confidentially. They are exclusively used for scientific purposes, that is, to advance our knowledge in child psychology.

We thank you for your participation.