Use of R software for statistical analyses

Slide presentation: Introduction to R

Fürst, G. (2011) Introduction to R : overview, basic models, and useful packages for psychologists. XIIth congress of the Swiss Psychological Society, September 12th and 13th, University of Fribourg.

Robust analyses and R software

Courvoisier, D. S. and Renaud, O. (2010), Robust analysis of the central tendency, simple and multiple regression and ANOVA: A step by step tutorial , International Journal of Psychological Research 3(1), 78--87. Available online

List of instructions/lines of calls for the methods presented in the article(right-click and select "Save as"). Note that the version on the editor webpage is an incorrect version that was not updated by the editor.

First dataset used: cigArt.csv

Second dataset used: creatArt.csv

Code in R sofware for a robust coefficient of determination

Renaud, O. and Victoria-Feser, M.-P. (2010), A robust coefficient of determination for regression , Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 140, 1852--1862. DOI: 10.1016/j.jspi.2010.01.008

Note: this code can only be used with the function lmRob (from "robust" package), and is NOT correct with the function lmrob (from "robustbase" package)

Function called robR2w.r to compute a robust coefficient of determination (right-click and select "Save as"). It provides a consistent and robust estimator of R-squared and a version adjusted for the sample size. See an example of use (see also explanation on the mailing-list )