FAQ (English)

  • Why should I pay on time?

After the final deadline, sent by post after the first deadline, no re-enrollment will be possible for the current semester or year. Additionally, any request for re-enrollment for the following semester/year will be submitted to the Faculty/Institute/Centre. In the event that approval is granted, a payment of CHF 50 will be due, in accordance with the internal regulations on fees, in addition to the fees due the past semester.


  • How do I pay my semester fees ?

There are three ways to pay your fees:

  1. Payment by e-banking, from a Swiss bank account
  2. In a post office in Switzerland: duplicate the information received by email before the beginning of the semester, or on the BVR payment slip received by postal mail. If you have lost your email or BVR, request your reference number online (log in using your UNIGE email address or login name + password on the left) then ask your question. You can also come to the Admissions Office to obtain a new number (Uni Dufour, opening hours).
  3. From a foreign bank account (see below)

> All payment details are accessible on your UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > paiement des taxes semestrielles.

Please also pay all transfer fees, which are fees assessed by your bank or the post office as well as those of the recipient.


  • Why should I pay my fees in the 15 days following reception of the email with the banking details ?

You will rapidly gain access to your semester attestation (needed, for example, for requesting student benefits) and you will be able to validate your student ID card in a UNIGE terminal. Please allow around 10 days from the date of payment for your semester attestation to become available on your UNIGE portal. If you submit a payment and a BVR is sent by post in the following weeks, you can ignore the BVR unless the amount due is different.
You even contribute to reducing paper waste and postal fees!


  •  What happens if I don’t pay within 15 days ?

A paper payment slip (BVR) will be sent to you via postal mail if you have not paid your fees within the two weeks following the email. Please note that the BVR is sent using second-class mail to the last known address. If your mailing address has changed, please update it as soon as possible on the UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > Données de contact étudiant. Make sure you receive your BVR in mid-September (Autumn semester) or mid-March (Spring semester).


  • How can I be sure that the email with personal data for payment of fees really comes from UNIGE, and that it is not "phishing" ?

The BVR is tied to the Postal account (CCP) of the University of Geneva. When you are entering your e-banking payment, ‘Université de Genève’ should appear as the recipient.
To verify the general payment details (including the UNIGE Postal account), you can visit a  secure page  on the Internet,  also accessible from your UNIGE portal.


  • Is the amount of fees due correct ? 

Any reductions you are entitled to by your status (e.g., leave of absence, internship, doctoral studies, etc.) will be automatically applied to the amount due.

Requests for fee relief due to financial difficulties must be submitted between middle and late September to the Pôle santé social. If you have requested fee relief, you still need to pay the fixed fees (CHF 65) to avoid exmatriculation for non-payment. Reminder: fee relief only applies to the administrative fees of CHF 435. The fixed fees (CHF 65) are due in all cases.

Did you receive a BVR payment slip in the amount of 65 francs? That does not necessarily mean that you have been granted fee relief for the administrative fees of CHF 435. The CHF 65 due is provisionally established before fee relief requests have been definitively ruled upon. If your request for fee relief is rejected, you will be sent an additional BVR for the remaining CHF 435 due.


  •  How can I pay from a foreign bank account ?

You can process a money transfer using the banking details available by logging to the UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > Paiement des taxes semestrielles.

Be sure to indicate in the ‘communication’ field your name (the student’s name) and your student number (in the format XX-XXX-XXX). This is printed on your student ID card, and is also in the email you received with payment information.

You are responsible for all transfer fees, which are fees assessed by your bank or the post office as well as those of the recipient.


  • What if I want to definitively leave the University ?

Inform the Admissions Office as soon as possible via the online platform Log in using your UNIGE email address or your login name + password, then ask your question. You can also visit the Admissions Office (Uni Dufour, opening hours).

- If you exmatriculate before the beginning of the semester, no fees are due.
- If you request exmatriculation in the six weeks following the official start date of courses, only the fixed fees of CHF 65 are due.
- After that, you will owe CHF 500 in fees to the University.

If these fees are not paid, they constitute a debt to the University that will be owed if studies are restarted in the future. Additionally, a payment of CHF 50 is assessed for re-enrollment with a debt.

> More information (in French)


  • I have finished my studies. What do I need to do ?

No action on your part is required unless you have registered for another program. If you receive a payment slip for fees, you can ignore it. Successfully earning your diploma generates automatic exmatriculation within a few weeks. You will receive confirmation via postal mail.

> More information (in French)


  •  I received an email reminder (or a BVR payment slip for paying my fees), but I am still waiting for my semester results, and it is possible that I might be eliminated from the Faculty / Institute. What should I do?

If you are waiting for your results and might be facing elimination, wait until you are sure you will be able to continue your studies next semester before paying your fees.


  •  I have moved. How can I provide you with my new address ?

Update your address via the UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > Donnees de contact étudiant.


  • I have received several payment slips this semester. Which one should I pay ?

Only the one with the most recent date (‘Genève, le’) is to be paid.


  • How can I get a reimbursement ?

If you paid too much, or if your request for administrative fee (CHF 435.-) relief has been accepted, you can request the reimbursement of administrative fees on the platform by logging in on the left using your UNIGE credentials, then selecting the ‘taxes’ tab. In the body of your message, be sure to specify your complete banking details:

- Bank name
- Name of bank account holder (ex. your parents)

and, if you are entitled to reductions, attach a scan of the letter indicating that.

For all urgent questions, log into our online platform: Log in using your UNIGE email address or your login name + password, then ask your question.