Semester fees


Payment deadline for the current semester

  • Spring semester 2018 : Wednesday 28 March 2018

PLEASE NOTE: a reminder will be sent by post after the above deadline, with a final deadline.

After the final deadline, no re-enrollment will be possible for the current semester or year. Additionally, any request for re-enrollment for the following semester/year will be submitted to the Faculty/Institute/Centre. In the event that approval is granted, a payment of CHF 50 will be due, in accordance with the internal regulations on fees, in addition to the fees due the past semester.

Amount of fees

Fees amount to CHF 500 per semester (CHF 65 in fixed fees and CHF 435 in administrative fees), payable in a single installment.

  • Any reductions you are entitled to by your status (e.g., leave of absence, internship, doctoral studies, etc.) will be automatically applied to the amount due.
  • Requests for fee relief due to financial difficulties must be submitted to the Pôle santé social.

Paying your fees

  1. Banking details or other information (amount due, deadline, etc.) are available via the UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > Etat des taxes semestrielles.
  2. Late July (Autumn semester) and early February (Spring semester), an email with banking details is sent to your UNIGE email address.
  3. If you don't pay within the following weeks, a payment slip is sent by postal mail mid-September (Autumn semester) / mid-March (Spring semester) to the most recent address provided to the Admissions Office

To verify that your payment has been credited: wait a few days after paying and then check on your UNIGE portal > Mon UNIGE > Etat des taxes semestrielles. If it isn’t, you should immediately contact the Admissions Office via its online platform.

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