CAS - Children’s Rights

Acquire specialised knowledge in children’s rights in their theoretical as well as in their practical dimensions through an international and an interdisciplinary approach to the study of children’s rights
Understand and critically discuss the role of international instruments on children’s rights in the implementation and monitoring of children’s rights, with a particular focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Develop the ability to contribute to the resolution of child rights related issues and problems
Exercise tools to effectively use human rights standards and mechanisms at the international and national levels
Professional who work with children’s rights issues : lawyer, psychologist, sociologist, judge, law enforcement officer, social worker, teacher, government official, staff from governmental and non governmental organisations, academic and journalistic
2 week-long residential modules to be chosen among the following modules of the MAS: Interdisciplinary childhood studies • Children’s rights and international law • Child labour and education • Children’s rights and criminal justice • Children’s rights and health • Children’s rights and migration • Individual training programme/CCR thematic paper
Prof. Karl HANSON, Centre interfacultaire en droits de l’enfant (CIDE), University of Geneva
Dr. Roberta RUGGIERO, University of Geneva
Institut international des droits de l’enfant (IDE), Sion

February 2017 – Novembre 2018
12 ECTS credits

Registration Deadline
Two months ahead of the residential modules you wish to apply for (dates >>).

Application fee
CHF 150.-
Tuition fee
CHF 5'000.-

CIDE (Valais-Campus)



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