MAS Children's Rights

Online payment

1. Apply for an ORISIS account

To access the online payment services of the Geneva University continuing education programmes, you need to have an ORISIS account.

Step 1
Fill in the "Application form for new user registration in the ORISIS environment" by clicking on this link

Some guidance on the conduct of the registration
Only one entry per email address is permitted
1./ Enter your personal email adress* (this email adress will be your ORISIS username)
2./ Choose a password** for your ORISIS account and confirm
3./ Enter your surname
4./ Enter your fisrt name
5./ Click on "Send the application form" to continue.

Step 2
Check your email* and open the email confirmation sent by the application (this may take a few minutes). (Check your Junk mailbox.)
Follow the instructions to validate your ORISIS account (click on the link provided)

Step 3
Click here to get to the online payment screen.
You will first have to enter your email adress* and passsword** to connect to your ORISIS account (ORISIS Authentication).