CAS - Simultaneous Interpreter Training

Acquire the fundamental skillset required to successfully train simultaneous interpreters.
Professional interpreters wanting to develop a comprehensive understanding of the simultaneous interpreting process in order to train the next generation of simultaneous interpreters using systematic teaching methods.

Three thematic modules provide a solid grounding in the skill-and-task analysis for simultaneous interpreting, cover the sequencing of training materials based on an incremental approach and focus on the diagnosis of recurring problems including the development of targeted solutions. Seeing the intended objective, which is to train interpreters for private business events, the certificate course does not comprise the development and teaching of techniques relating to interpreting with text (see DAS in Interpreter Training)

Tasks and skills in Simultaneous Interpreting • Sequencing and planning in Simultaneous Interpreting • Problems and remedies in Simultaneous Interpreting

Prof. Kilian SEEBER, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI), University of Geneva

5 February - 25 June 2018
100% at distance in our own virtual learning environment
12 ECTS credits

RegistratIon deadline
1 December, 2017

Registration fee
CHF 3000

FTI Interpreting Department

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