DAS - Advocacy, Communication and External Relations

Combine the skills of a subject matter expert, a project manager, a spokesman, an ambassador and a leader
Broaden the ability to think in the unique term of advocacy, from developing persuasive argument to how a campaign is structured and conducted
Master new communication skills, branding, e-reputation, business ethics
Strenghten competencies in media, social media public relations and networking
Staff of any public and private entreprise or international in various sectors: aviation, normalization, telecommunication, bank, media, health, internet governance, insurance, electricity, political and union organization, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry
10 modules: Advocacy: Role and Issues • Fundamentals of Communication and Publics Relations (Theories and Practice) • Globalization, International Organizations and Advocacy • Designing and Executing Campaigns • Developing and Maintaining Relationships, Building Coalitions • Communication, Storytelling and Intercultural Communication • Rules of the Trade and Ethics • E-Reputation • Advocacy, Media and Communication of the 21st Century • Advocacy and Networking in Practice
Prof. Patrick-Yves BADILLO, Geneva School of Social Sciences (G3S, University of Geneva
Dr. Christophe JEANNETTE, University of Geneva
International Air Transport Association (IATA) • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
3rd edition

September 2017 - May 2018
30 ECTS credits

Registration Deadline
22 September 2017
Modules can be followed individually

Registration fee
CHF 18'000.-
CHF 2'000.-

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