Françoise de Viron

Professor Françoise de VIRON
Education & Training School (EDEF), Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Vice-President of EUCEN - European Universities Continuing Education Network

Françoise de Viron is Professor at Education & Training School of the University of Louvain (Université catholique de Louvain), teaching in Adult Education and Knowledge Management.

Her main field of interest and research is about Adult Education and training, Training Projects Design and Management, University Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies, Innovation, Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management. As a researcher, she is co-reponsible of the RIFA group (Interdisciplinary Research in Adult Education) within GIRSEF (Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socialisation, Education and Training). She is a member of ESREA (European Society for Reasearch in Education of Adults).

Since September 2012, she is the professor in charge of the Master degree in Education Sciences, programme adapted for professionals. Since November 2012, she is the Vice-President of EUCEN, particularly in charge of relations between University Life Long Learning practice and research.

She has extensive experience in developing adult programmes, both in private sector (1992-2000) and at University (2000-2006). She also benefits from five year’s experience as academic director of the University Lifelong Learning unit and President of the ‘Commission Education Tout au Long de la Vie’ of the Council of francophone universities in Belgium (CIUF), commission working on recommendations to Universities Authorities and Ministries in University Life Long Learning matters, from 2004 to 2011.

45th Eucen Conference
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