IFHOLT - 1st International Forum on Humanitarian Online Training


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The first International Forum on Humanitarian Online Training focuses on research, innovative projects and experiences in the field of online training. It is a place to share ideas, expertise and actions. It is aimed at professionals engaged in humanitarian training.
  08:45-09:30 Welcome Accreditation, Documentation, Coffee
  09:30-09:45 Opening of the Conference
Prof. Jean-Dominique VASSALLI, Rector of the University of Geneva
Prof. Margareta BADDELEY, Vice-Rector of the University of Geneva
  09:45-12:30 PLENARY SESSION I
Open Online Learning to Help Humanitarian Aid-Workers better Prepare for and HEI Respond to Disasters
 DisasterReady.org, Santa Monica, USA
International Questions and Local Responses
Prof. Barbara MOSER-MERCER, InZone, University of Geneva
Digital Learning for Whom with Whom?
Alain COURT, ICRC, Geneva
Experiencing a Learning Lab
Gideon SHIMSHON, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Online Training and Geopolitics: African and Bolivian Cases
Prof. Antoine GEISSBUHLER, University of Geneva
  12:30-13:30 Lunch Networking Buffet
  13:30-15:15 PLENARY SESSION II
Developing Humanitarian Distance Learning in Partnership
Edith FAVOREU, CERAH, University of Geneva
MOOC in Humanitarian Context
Alexandre DEVORT, MOOC & CIE, France
Thinking Strategy: Dealing with Future Online Training Perspectives
Anna LEAR, Groupe URD, France

Participants are invited to present innovative humanitarian online training projects
in a specific a format: Pecha Kucha 20/20

MOOC in Humanitarian Communication, Addressing Key Challenges
Online Diploma Course in Humanitarian Diplomacy
DiploFoundation/IFRC, Jovan KURBALIJA
Use of War Simulation Game for Humanitarian Action Training
Supporting Care Professionals Where They are Most Needed, the RAFT Experience
RAFT, University of Geneva, Georges BEDIANG
Integrating and Credentialing OERs
InZone, University of Geneva, Barbara MOSER-MERCER
The Design of a Learning System to Teach Analysis and Critical Thinking for Humanitarians
LSi, Geneva, Reda SADKI
Crowd vs Expert in Humanitarian eLearning
MOOC & Cie, France, Christine VAUFREY et Alexandre DELORT
  17:15-18:30 ROUND TABLE
Quality for Online Training
How to Ensure Quality in Online Training? How to Share Methods to Evaluate Effectiveness of Online Training?

What does Learning Mean?
Prof. Mireille BETRANCOURT, TECFA, University of Geneva
Quality Strategy
Demand Driven Online Training at SDC
Reinhard-Ludwig PFEIFFER, EDA, SDC, Bern
How Can We Measure the Effectiveness of Distance Learning
Prof. Doris SCHOPPER, CERAH, University of Geneva
  18:30-20:00 Networking Cocktail
Address by Olivier COUTEAU, Delegate to International Geneva and Prof. Margareta BADDELEY, Vice-Rector, University of Geneva
Registrations are closed. Please contact infoifholt(at)unige.ch if needed.