Forum Vision

Forum Vision

The landscape of learning and training is changing rapidly. Technologies spread all over the world. The use of mobile phones and wifi access connect people regardless of frontiers. Today e-training combines social media and mobile technologies.

Numerous humanitarian organisations with similar training needs and questions are developing online or offline training as one of the possible solutions to reinforce their professionals’ competences. The University of Geneva in the middle of a high density of international and non-governmental organisations is engaged in research and develops training projects in the field of Humanitarian Action.

What is the state of art of the research to improve quality or new and specific digital content to trained professionals especially in humanitarian fields? Are emerging low cost education models successful? How universities and international institutions can share values, strategies, experiences and pedagogical models?

This is the reason why the University of Geneva is very enthusiastic about hosting such an international Forum. It will allow experts, professors and members of various organisations to share and network around the humanitarian online training. It will allow participants to meet people, share one’s experiences and enrich one’s practice.

  • Contribute at international level to a better understanding between academics and professionals in charge of HOLT
  • Analyse good and bad practices
  • Measure the importance of culture and eco systems in HOLT
  • Enhance interactive pedagogy
  • Empower learners with the use of useful and available technology
  • Share methods for evaluating the effectiveness of online training
  • Encourage networking between project managers aiming at the exchange of expertise