Sustainability Transition Leadership (STL)

Understand the linkages between political, economic, social and environmental issues Map sector complexities, their interactions, and associated risks
Implement multidisciplinary, solution-based innovations
Think creatively in a variety of situations, take ownership of one’s engagement as a leader and be able to negotiate accordingly
Draw insights from research to establish best practices using data to improve the quality of life
Apply hybrid and systemic analyses of global sustainable development frameworks and their scalability at local, national and international levels
Decision-makers from private and public sectors and non-governmental organizations, as well as young academics
The diversity of profiles is aimed to foster an innovative and intellectual learning community aiming to address local issues in light of global dynamics of change.
4 modules, 4 sites including online module: Paris, London – Online Module – Geneva , Abu Dhabi
  1. Environmental, Financial, & Geopolitical Risk
  2. Business and Sociological Approaches to Sustainable Development
  3. Negotiating Global Environmental Policy
  4. Technological, Social, & Spatial Innovative Tools
Alexander HEDJAZI, Senior lecturer, Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), University of Geneva
Maria-Isabel HAROON-PEREZ and Ashley PILIPISZYN, University of Geneva
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, University of Sydney, University of Los Angeles California (UCLA)
Certificate of attendance per module and Certificate of completion for the all programme delivered by Extension Programmes University of Geneva
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1 June – 15 October 2015

Registration deadline
25 May 2015

Registration fee
CHF 12'100.-
Module 1: CHF 4'200.-
Module 2: CHF 1'100.-
Module 3: CHF 4'400.-
Module 4: CHF 3'400.-

Institute for Environmental Sciences
University of Geneva
Uni Carl-Vogt, Boulevard Carl-Vogt
Geneva- Switzerland