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The Interpreting Department

The Interpreting Department prepares students for a career in conference interpreting and offers professional interpreters the possibility of following continuing education programmes, completing a Master of Advanced Studies for interpreter trainers, or doing a Ph.D. in the field.

Interpreting schools and interpreters alike have to face two challenges in today’s world: the multilingualism of the enlarged European Union and globalisation. The large numbers of meetings organised on a daily basis and the often random affectations – that are particularly difficult to manage when one is at the beginning of one’s career –, the highly technical nature of many international meetings, and the extreme diversity of subjects that an interpreter may be asked to cover during a single week – these are some of the difficulties that an interpreter has to learn to overcome in order to be able to offer quality interpreting. They also represent a real challenge for the quality and the relevance of teaching interpreting.

For further information, visit the Interpreting Department’s portal.

Head of the Department: Prof. Kilian Seeber