Strategic Sustainability Leadership Program

Executive Training 2018

Organised in partnership with UNEP, the Strategic Sustainability Leadership Program is an innovative program designed to train professionals from both the private and public sector who wish to integrate key sustainability tools and strategic methods within their company or organization. 

The primary aim of this program is to conceptualize sustainability from a holistic, interdisciplinary approach and provide participants with a "toolbox" of sustainability resources that can be customized based on their professional needs. Participants will gain the capacity to judge what tool(s) is needed in what situation through the diagnostic method, design thinking, forecasting/backcasting potential challenges, and learning how to strategically utilize data in negotiations. Some of the data that will be highlighted in this program will be: climate, energy, city, environmental, financial, and policy data. Within the shifting dynamics of global governance, participants will walk away from this program empowered with new resources, problem-solving skills, negotiation techniques, and business tools required to lead tomorrow's world towards a sustainable future.




This program offers 3 unique sessions & locations:

  • Geneva : February 2018 (Theme: Creating Value for the Global Sustainability Agenda)
  • Singapore : February 2018 (Theme: Sustainable and Resilient Global Supply Chains)
  • Abu Dhabi : February 2018 (Theme: Energy Transitions for Long-Term Sustainability)


SSLP Executive Training Program 2018 Brochure (*coming soon)