PhD Courses in Economics

PhD courses 2016-2017 are taught at the University of Geneva (henceforth UniGE) and at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (henceforth HEID). Students are also encouraged to take courses from the excellent one-year doctoral program (micro, macro, and econometrics) and/or summer courses (the list of topics varies each year) of the Gerzensee Center of the Swiss National Bank in lieu of some courses from the list below.


PhD Courses in Economics 2016-2017


Course 2016-2017
Professor(s) Where 
Doctoral Workshop *   UNIGE

 Econometrics Sequence

Advanced Econometrics I (course+seminar)
Sperlich/Pellizzari UNIGE
Advanced Econometrics II (Advanced Econometric Theory) (course+seminar)
Krishnakumar UNIGE
Policy and Program Evaluation: statistical and econometric tools (course+seminar)
Sperlich UNIGE
 Development & Environmental Economics Sequence 
Advanced Resource Economics A Swanson/Noailly HEID
Natural Resource Economics and Sustainable Development
Advanced Development Macroeconomics
Viarengo/Panizza HEID
Advanced Development Microeconomics
Arcand HEID
Understanding Dynamic Labour Markets (2 days courses in Genève and 2 days courses in Lausanne)    
 Spatial Economics Sequence 
Advanced International Trade A
Economics of International Migration
Müller UNIGE
Regional and Urban Economics (suspended)
Robert-Nicoud HEID
Advanced International Trade B
Cajal Grossi HEID
 Finance & Macro Sequence 
Advanced International Macroeconomics A
Mukherjee HEID
Advanced International Macroeconomics B
International Finance


During their first year, students must take

• Two courses from the Econometrics Sequence

• Two courses from any of the remaining sequences

• Two additional courses (one or two of which may instead be taken in year 2)

Examination: please note that there will be no retake exam sessions. In case a student failed an exam, he can either retake the same course or take another course

At the end of the first year, the scientific committee will decide which students are allowed to pursue their PhD (based on exam results). Students are also expected to choose a PhD supervisor at around this time.


During their second year, students must

• Attend the doctoral workshop (students present their own work)

• Take one or two additional courses (if not already taken in year 1)

Have obtained 36 ECTS. (The Gerzensee full program is worth 36 ECTS)


During their third and following years, students must

• Attend the doctoral workshop (students present their own work)

Students are encouraged to take additional courses during their entire PhD formation.