The Research Center for Statistics is pleased to present its consulting service in statistics. This service is open to all faculty members and students from the University of Geneva, as well as researchers from other public or private organizations.

Among others, our services include experimental design, data analyses, interpretation of outputs and report writing, development of tailor-made statistical methodologies, and software usage. These services are open to any field of application (finance, management, medicine, environmental sciences, etc.).

Our mission is to promote and enhance the good practice of statistics. To this aim, we propose several services:

- A one-hour free consultation session open to members of the University of Geneva (incl. bachelor and master students) who need guidance for their research projects. Consulting sessions are organized via email for a session of circa 30 minutes (max. 1 hour). Please note that support for statistical issues concerning BSc/MSc courses is already provided for by the teaching assistants.

- A collaboration-based consulting service to the members of the University of Geneva: in case the free consultation service is not enough, we can extend our collaboration with you following an agreement regarding a fair compensation of our work (funding, authorship, etc.).

- A fee-based consulting service to public or private organizations independent of the University of Geneva.

Upon email contact, we will define the modus operandi which best suits your needs. Please email us indicating all of the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your university or company
  • If relevant, your current activity or membership (BSc/MSc/PhD student, Post-Doc, ...)
  • A convenient way to contact you (when, how)
  • The description of the problem/issue/question in a few sentences
  • If you are a BSc or MSc student. Please include your supervisor as a reference.



Marc-Olivier Boldi, PhD
Office 5228
Research Center for Statistics
UNI MAIL, Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40,
CH-1211 GENEVE 4