The members of the Research Center for Statistics (RCS) come from a variety of backgrounds and all contribute to the RCS activities in different ways:

  • The professors and associate professors are renown experts in the domain of statistical research. Their experience and knowledge within the different fields of statistical theory and methodology are the main source of inspiration for the RCS research activities.
  • The associate members are professors, researchers and members of academia coming from a variety of academic backgrounds who have a strong interest in statistics as a fundamental tool which supports the progress of research in their respective domains.
  • The academic fellows are individuals from the private sector who contribute on a Voluntary basis to the teaching and/or research activity of the RCS.
  • The Ph.D. students are carrying out diverse research projects which fall within the fields of activity of the RCS. Many of them have entered the RCS after having studied and specialized in various other areas of research such as engineering, biology, psychology or social sciences. This enables the RCS to keep a strong tie between methodological statistical research and application.
  • The students who are enrolled in the Master of Science in Statistics are selected on the basis of their academic curriculum and are from a variety of backgrounds both geographically and domain wise. During their studies they can actively contribute to the activities of the RCS whereas, if succesful in the Master, they have the possibility to contribute to the RCS research projects by becoming Ph.D. students or by collaborating with the RCS in other ways.
  • The administrative collaborators allow the RCS to focus on its research activities, taking care of all those aspects which pertain to the bureaucratic domain.