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Mobility programs at the GSI

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Students from the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BARI) and the various Master's programs of the GSI are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous agreements that the GSI and the University of Geneva possess with universities all around the world. A Mobility expedition is an enriching academic and human experience for students in global studies.

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The value of coming to Geneva

The location of the GSI in Geneva is a unique asset in the world. Indeed, the presence of innumerable international organizations and non-governmental organizations offers multiple opportunities for observing the world from a privileged position.

Courses offered by the GSI

Since international relations is an interdisciplinary field of study, the GSI offers courses in the following four disciplines: political science, law, economics and history.

The University of Geneva is a francophone institution, thus most of the courses are taught in French. However, since English is a necessary language for students of international relations, the GSI has developed a number of courses in English and currently offers 22 courses a year.

The course program can be consulted here.

Mobility programs inside the Geneva Global Studies Network (GGSN)

Created in 2013 by the GSI, the GGSN is a network establishing privileged relations with prestigious universities offering Bachelor level programs in international relations. During their Mobility program, students from these partner universities can benefit from the following:

  • The course "International Geneva" (taught in English) analyzes the dynamics of the capital of global governance and is reserved for the students of the GGSN;
  • GGSN students receive support to seek and apply for internships in the numerous international organizations found in Geneva.

If you are a student in a university with which the GSI has an agreement, a Mobility stay is possible. To do so, you must contact the International Relations Department of your university and register for a stay at the University of Geneva. Depending on the course you wish to take at the university, you will be enrolled in the Faculty / Center / Institute, which corresponds to your course.

For information on interuniversity agreements, please contact the International Relations Department of your university or the University of Geneva International Affairs Department (https://www.unige.ch/international/en/service-re/team/).

If your University does not have an agreement with UNIGE, you can follow the University of Geneva’s courses as an auditor. The relevant information is available at the following link: http://www.unige.ch/admissions/scrire/auditeurs/.

Video : the Bachelor programme of International Relations (BARI) by the professors (in french)

Video : the Bachelor programme of International Relations (BARI) by the students (in french)