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The UNIGE accommodates some 16,500 students from more than 150 countries. In the interest of smoothing their way into campus life, and thus ensuring a successful academic experience, the Students’ Social and Administrative Division offers new arrivals general services under the aegis of ‘Student+’.


The ‘Successful study’ workshops support students in their academic work by providing them with tools to enhance their note-taking skills, improve their time management, better prepare for exams, and memorize strategically.
A team is also ready to answer questions posed by new students throughout the year: just write to


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Successful study:

As is the case in most large university towns, housing in Geneva must be sought some months in advance of arrival. The University’s Housing Office is happy to assist and advise prospective students.

Welcome and integration:

Students can take advantage of information, advice and documentation as they plan the end of their studies and their entry into professional life. The Uni-Employment Centre offers a range of services free of charge, including courses and seminars in job-hunting, orientation, computing resources, internships. It also organizes conferences and meetings with companies. It offers a wide range of employment for those who need to help finance their studies, including teaching, baby-sitting, tutoring, and secretarial work.

Uni-Employment Centre:*

Depression, eating disorders, addiction or sexual problems: Health Antenna offers support and advice on all medical issues by way of free and confidential consultations. The Psychological Counselling Centre offers individual appointments as well as workshops and conferences to respond to students’ psychological difficulties.

Health Antenna:*
Psychological Counselling Centre:

At the University Office of Social Information (BUIS), a team is available by appointment from Monday to Friday to help students faced with personal problems (family, couple, dependencies etc.), social problems (social integration, courses etc.), administrative problems (necessary steps, health insurance etc.) and financial problems (budget preparation and management, managing medical costs, debts etc.). The secretary’s office receives students daily from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm. Students in financial difficulty can submit a request for exemption from university fees to the BUIS by the deadlines indicated (consult the BUIS site). What’s more, the University has at its disposal certain funds for prizes and grants or to disburse subsidies to students already enrolled. However, the UNIGE does not award grants to foreign students during their first year of studies in Geneva. Federal grants awarded by the Swiss government must be applied for at Swiss diplomatic missions at least one year in advance.

Students enrolled at the University of Geneva have some fifty sports activities to choose from, including gymnastics, skiing, mountaineering, team sports, swimming and tennis. The Sports and Cultural Activities Office also offers courses, internships and workshops in music, theatre, dance and sculpture, as well as providing information on local cultural events and organizing three film series a year.

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