Strategic partnerships

Since 2011, UNIGE has been developing a policy of strategic partnerships to pro-actively participate in the development of alliances between the world's top universities and target its efforts in international collaboration.

This policy aims at reinforcing and deepening the University's relationships with a selected group of partner universities, while of course staying open to collaboration with other institutions. These relationships will generate a larger volume of collaborative activities, facilitating the emergence and development of synergies.

During the past years, strategic partnerships have been established with a group of existing partners. They are based on the systematic facilitation of contacts between researchers, the definition of common priority areas, reciprocal visits to foster and reinforce interpersonal links on academic and central level, common research projects, etc.

The institution's mid-term objective is a network of 10-15 partner institutions in the world for facilitated collaboration, selected on the following general criteria:

  • Comprehensive universities
  • Comparable reputation to UNIGE
  • Pre-existing formal or informal collaborations in several areas

  • Strategic nature of the partnership for both institutions

These partnerships will foster development in several domains, such as:

  • Coordinated training programs
  • Joint research
  • Seed funding for joint projects
  • Pooling of resources towards grants and fundraising
  • Online education (MOOCs) 

A key objective of UNIGE's strategic partnerships is to highlight and develop pre-existing informal collaborations between the institutions. Members of the UNIGE academic community are welcome to inform the International Relations Office of ongoing activities with these universities in particular.