Swissnex and Swiss ERI Network

The UNIGE International Affairs Office collaborates closely with the Swissnex Offices and other members of the Swiss ERI Network. Through this collaboration, we reinforce the presence and image of UNIGE abroad, mainly in S&T hotspots such as Boston or the Bay Area and in extremely dynamic regions like Beijing, Tokyo or Seoul.

A specific initiative in this area is the Call for UNIGE Digital Fellows @swissnexSF, described below.

I. UNIGE Digital Fellows @swissnexSF: a Digital Innovation Incubation Program


On 23 September 2016, Swissnex San Francisco inaugurated its new platform, Switzerland at Pier 17. UNIGE is part of this new venture and supports residency periods for its members at Swissnex SF in order to develop the links between UNIGE and the Bay Area in selected subjects.

II. Objectives of the Digital Innovation Incubation Program

  • incubate digital innovation activities with the Bay Area and Silicon Valley ecosystem
  • create sustainable interactions and cooperation with the Geneva digital ecosystem
  • scout new trends and build thematic networks for UNIGE
  • identify and raise funding for joint projects


III. Projects selected for 2017

The first call for projects in late 2016 gave rise to a number of excellent projects. The three projects below were selected:

- Indie Drug Innovation: the DIY Remaking of Insulin, Estrogens, and Antibiotics, Gabriela A. Sanchez, PhD Candidate, Science and Technology Studies (PhD Supervisor: Prof. Bruno Strasser); residency March-April 2017

- Competing Crowds, Julia Buwaya, PhD Candidate, Centre universitaire d'informatique (PhD Supervisor: Prof. José Rolim); residency April-May 2017

- Exploring the role of digitization and digital tools as an enabler for microgrid implementation, Ashley Christine Pilipiszyn, PhD Candidate, Institute for Environmental Sciences (PhD Supervisor: Prof. Martin Patel); residency September-December 2017


Photo courtesy of swissnex San Francisco