Whether you want study abroad, come to the University of Geneva in the framework of a collaborative programme or receive a person from a Swiss or foreign university, you will find the necessary information in this section.

Welcome Centre
Interested in a UNIGE and/or HUG career of already hired by the institution, the Welcome Centre will do its utmost the facilitate your relocation (application procedures, life in Geneva, administrative proceedings).

 You are a researcher or member of faculty at a university outside Switzerland and wish to come to the University of Geneva to take part in a programme or under a given agreement

Due to its high level standards in research and its many disciplines, the UNIGE is ranked among the best three generalist French-speaker universities and among the 150 best universities in 20’000 worldwide universities. Its research projects cover one hundred subjects, from exact sciences, natural and medical sciences to social sciences and humanities. Every year this leads to fruitful results such as 3'300 publications.

Joint doctoral degree
The joint doctoral degree allows a doctoral candidate to earn a degree from two separate institutions by defending one single dissertation. The dissertation is supervised by two thesis advisors, one from each institution, which thereby undertake to award a single doctoral degree on the basis of one dissertation. The diploma so awarded indicates that it has been granted as a double doctorate by "The partner institution" and the University of Geneva. The International Relations Office is charged with administration of the process.

Doctoral degree

The Ph.D is a research-based course lasting six and ten semesters. It follows a Master's degree.


Excellence Fellowships

The International Relations Office welcomes the Excellence fewllowsips. Applicable to holders of fellowships from a university other than UniGE who are eligible to register at the International Relations Office, pursuant to university regulations (see the section on university fees in the brochure entitled "Taxes universitaires", section B, article 2, lettre m).

Holders of a fellowship awarded by an outside body (i.e. a private enterprise, foundation, foreign institution) may be eligible for fast-track registration at the International Relations Office and for exemption from paying tuition fees, except the fix taxes of 65.- CHF, which should be paid every semester.

Swiss Government Scholarships:

Each year, the Swiss government grants a series of scholarships called Swiss Confederacy Grants. You can find more information at the following address:

N.B. : The Swiss Government Grants application deadlines are clear, you must apply in August of the year preceding your arrival in Geneva.

Swiss National Science Fondation Scholarships

The Swiss National Science Fondation offers scholarships  to outgoing researchers, Phd or post-Phd Students 

Awards Scholarships Subsidies
The University has a number of permanent funds used to award prizes , scholarships, or to pay subsidies to the students of the University of Geneva.