International Advisory Board

Cynthia Odier

Founder and Director, Flux Laboratory

cynthiaodier.jpegCynthia Odier is the Founder and Director of Flux Laboratory, an experimental, multidisciplinary space which nurtures creative work and reflection through encounters with the world of dance, art, philosophy, music, technology, the media and business.

A former dancer, Cynthia founded the Fluxum Foundation in 2002 and opened Flux Laboratory in 2003. Since then, Flux has collaborated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Theatre, Giorgio Mancini, Nicolas Musin, and Marc Perrenoud and staged works at the Venice Biennale, the Shanghai Expo, the Geneva Museum of Art and History, the Ariana Museum, and the Ballet of the Geneva Grand Théâtre.

Cynthia Odier also created the FLUX School, an interdisciplinary project focused around urban art for young people between 16 and 25 facing social difficulties.

Cynthia Odier is committed to numerous other causes, and is a past or present member of boards or committees of the Lausanne Dance Prize, Cinemas for Africa, the FIFDH (International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights), No Difference, and SOS Enfants.

She is also a member of the International Dance Council CID.

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