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Eva Waltermann holds a a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Geneva (2016). She started with a Licence (Geneva, 2007) in English, Computer Science and General Linguistics, then completed her degree with an M.A. in English Linguistics (Geneva, 2009), specializing in sociolinguistics and language teaching, and with a specialised M.A. in secondary school teaching (MASE) from the University Teacher Training Insititute (IUFE, Geneva, 2012) before working as a research and teaching assistant and doctoral student with Pr. Claire Forel. Her main interests concern representations of language as a teaching subject, foreign language teachers' knowledge, their beliefs and representations, language awareness in teaching a foreign language, but also the link between linguistics and language teaching or language textbooks analysis. Along with her research, Eva is a teacher in a public secondary school.


Waltermann, E. (2016). Stéréotypes et variations dans les représentations de langues étrangères chez les enseignants. LAIRDIL (forthcoming).

Waltermann, E. (2016). Représentations du savoir disciplinaire dans l'enseignement des langues étrangères: le cas des enseignants genevois. Genève: Université de Genève (PhD Dissertation, available on the archives ouvertes).  

Waltermann, E. (2016). Représentations des langues: un obstacle à surmonter. Babylonia 3/16 (forthcoming).      

Waltermann, E. & Csillagh, V. (2016). Teaching and Learning English in Geneva: Questions of Economy, Identity, Globality and Usefulness. in Puskas, G. & Leer, M. (Eds). SPELL: Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature 33 (forthcoming). Tübingen: Narr.

Waltermann, E. & Forel, C. (2015). Why and how to include textbook analysis in Language Teacher Education programs. English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED) 18, pp. 43-48.

Waltermann, E. (2015). L'étude des représentations de la langue – parlons-nous bien de la même chose ? Actes du Colloque du CRELA. Association Française de Linguistique Appliquée.

Waltermann, E. & Forel, C. (2014). Construction et Nature des savoirs disciplinaires dans l'enseignement des langues étrangères. Recherches en didactique des langues et des cultures, vol. 11 n°2, pp. 139-165.


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