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Information brochure "The First Year".  In order to facilitate recto/verso printing of the brochure there are some deliberate blank pages (after the cover page, after the table of contents and before the Plan d'études).  Please note that there is no text missing.  A hard copy of the brochure will be distributed to all students at the Welcome Session of the English department (September Rentrée).  This is also available from the secretariat of the English department.

Course Programme 2017-2018

Interactive course programme for 2017-2018

The links below lead to all lecture courses and seminars taught in the English department, together with names of instructors, meeting times and room assignments. A click on a seminar or course title leads to a detailed description and may specify preparatory readings or the ordering of certain texts before the beginning of the semester:

Complete BA and MA course programme and descriptions for 2017-2018

Course Programme 2016-2017

Complete BA and MA course programme and descriptions for 2016-2017

PDF Printable Versions:

Course programme 2016-2017
Course descriptions 2016-2017



Academic Calendar

Academic calendar for 2017-2018

Academic calendar for 2016-2017
Academic calendar for 2015-2016
Academic calendar for  2014-2015


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Useful information for auditors

Previous Timetables of the English Department