Current Students

Student Life

In the last few years, the students and staff of the English Department have created several extracurricular activities such as the theatre group,  the film club and the newsletter which greatly contributes to social interaction in the department. Together with the commission mixte, these activities offer the students possibilities to not only enjoy, but also get involved in the shaping of student life in the English Department. The links to language practice and English events in Geneva further provide possibilities to improve one's language level and to profit from the rich anglophone cultural landscape Geneva has to offer.


Theatre Group
A highly dynamic ensemble that stages one production in English per year and offers workshops to its participants during the year.


Student Association (AEL)
The Association of Students in English (ADEA) no longer exists as it was dissolved during the Association's AGM on 8 March 2013.  However, students wishing to organise English department events can contact the AEL to request this as soon as the AEL has voted in favour of integrating the former ADEA into its structure.

Film club logo

Film Club
Every week, a film screening offers the possibility of a meeting point outside the class room and is at the same time a gold mine for amateurs of visual narratives of the seventh art.


English Department Journal
Semestrial journal by and for the students and staff of the department, offering the possibility of exchanging ideas and creative talents as well as to acquire publication experience.


Commission mixte
A committee of students, assistants and professors who meet 2-3 times a year to exhange ideas about the department and addressing various issues.


Language Practice (Tandem)
The possibility to exchange languages and cultures among students of different mother tongues while staying in Geneva.


English Events in Geneva
Web links to anglophone organisations and events in Geneva. An excellent opportunity to get involved in cultural activities while at the same time immersing oneself into the English language.