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Conférence de Tom Griffiths - 9 octobre 2013

Dans le cadre du séminaire MA de M. Leer sur "Earth as a Literary Element" Professor Tom Griffiths, William Keith Hancock Professor of History, Director of the Centre for Environmental History, Australian National University, Canberra, a donné une conférence intitulée "Flying Fox and Drifting Sand:  Francis Ratcliffe's Discovery of Australia".  Cette conférence a eu lieu mercredi 9 octobre 2013 à 16h15 dans la salle B 108 (Uni Bastions - 1er étage).

Plus d'informations (en anglais):

Tom Griffiths is Australia’s leading environmental historian. His long list of publications include Hunters and Collectors : The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia (1996), Watersheds (1999), Inflows : The Channel Country (2001), Forests of Ash : An Environmental History (2001), Words for Country : Language and Landscape in Australia (ed. with T. Bonyhady (2002), A Change in the Weather : Climate and Culture in Australia (ed. with L.Robin (2005), and Slicing the Silence : Voyaging to Antarctica (2007), which won the Queensland and NSW Premiers’ and the Prime Minister’s Award for Non-fiction. The lecture in Geneva is part of a larger programme of describing how a few key texts, one of them Francis Ratcliffe’s Flying Fox and Drifting Sand (1938), have decisively changed the way the Australian environment is conceived and imagined.

13 novembre 2013
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