International colloquium on
syntax, semantics and pragmatics of tense, mood and aspect



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Chronos is conference dedicated to current research on the linguistics of time. In particular, issues regarding syntax, semantics and pragmatics of tenses, mood and aspect are addressed. The conference aims to bring together researchers working on the topic with different perspectives.

 Chronos conference is held every two years. Former conferences took place in Groningen (2002), Nice (2000), Valenciennes (1998), Brussels (1996) and Dunkerque (1995).

Special topic of Chronos 6: The role of linguistic and pragmatic information in temporal relations

A special session within the colloquium will be dedicated to the didactics of tenses, mood and aspect in romance, particularly French as a second language.

Official languages of the colloquium will be English and French.

Speakers and non-speakers are kindly asked to participate with a fee corresponding to 100 swiss francs or 65 euros). This fee will also cover coffees. If paying in euros, please provide the exact amount since we won't have change back available in euros.

Note that students and PhD students can attend the conference without paying the fees. They must however follow the ad hoc instructions, which are available HERE.


People wishing to attend the conference are kindly requested to register no later than September 15th.
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PROGRAM OF THE CONFERENCE (with online abstracts)