3rd SWIP - Swiss Workshop on Prosody

Special Theme : PhonoGenres and Speaking Styles

10-11 September 2014 - University of Geneva

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Call for contributions

The SWIP (Swiss Workshop on Prosody) is an annual meeting gathering researchers in the field of prosody. After Zurich in 2012, and Neuchâtel in 2013, the 3rd SWIP will take place in Geneva on 10-11 September 2014. For this edition, the special theme is PhonoGenres and Speaking Styles. By this event we mark the end of the three year FNS research project "Prosodic and linguistic characterisation of speaking styles: semi-automatic approach and applications".

Phonostylistic prosodic variation, whether regional, social or situational, is the object of a growing number of studies. They are systematic or isolated, based on phonetic-phonological studies of large-scale corpora or on the examination of narrow samples. Approaches vary between systematic methodologies and ad hoc procedures. Thus, one of the major goals of the conference is to index different approaches and to confront their results.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • PhonoGenres: phonetic-prosodic dimensions; situational, regional, communicative, macro- or micro-social variations; comparative analysis
  • speaker-specific behavior: cliché, idiosyncrasy, distinctive features
  • diachronic speaking style variation
  • identification of discourse genres and styles
  • methodologies and tools for corpus processing of speech in general, and especially those developed to process the speaking style variation

Invited speakers

  • Julia Hirschberg
  • Philippe Boula de Mareüil

Proposal submission format

Submitting a contribution consists in two steps.

First, a one page abstract, plus references, shall be submitted in English or in French via EasyChair by the 1st of February 2014.

Second, the definitive version of paper shall be submitted by the 9th of June 2014 in order to publish the proceedings - both in paper and electronic format on EasyChair- at the beginning of the conference. Proceedings will be published in Nouveaux Cahiers de Linguistique Française in a short (6 pages max., about 2000 words) or in a long version (12 pages max., about 4000 words).

You should submit a .zip file with different formats of your paper: the .pdf format and one of the following formats: Word document (.doc or .docx) or LaTeX file (.tex, .bib and attachments).

Papers can be written in English or in French with an abstract in the other language and they must follow the style sheet of NCLF.

Instructions for Presentations

An oral session takes 20 minutes. Please allow some minutes of your presentation time for your colleagues' questions.

The poster's orientation is portrait and its size A0: height 120 x width 80 cm. Each poster will be introduced first at the booster session: you have 3 slides and 3 minutes maximum to introduce your poster and convince people to attend it after the booster session. Please send your slides in pdf format to swip3@unige.ch until the 7th of September.

The conference language is English. Therefore oral communications, booster session included, should be presented in English.

Contact: swip3@unige.ch

Dates à retenir

Important dates

  • Submission of abstracts : 9 February 2014
  • Notification of acceptance: 17 Mars 2014
  • Submission of final paper for proceedings publication: 9 June 2014
  • Conference: 10-11 September 2014

Scientific committee

  • Antoine Auchlin
  • Mathieu Avanzi
  • Philippe Boula de Mareüil
  • Nick Campbell
  • Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie
  • Céline De Looze
  • Volker Dellwo
  • Jean-Philippe Goldman
  • Julia Hirschberg
  • Daniel Hirst
  • Ingrid Hove
  • Adrian Leemann
  • Joaquim Llisterri
  • Philippe Martin
  • Piet Mertens
  • Anne Lacheret
  • Nicolas Obin
  • Tea Pršir
  • Stephan Schmid
  • Sandra Schwab
  • Elizabeth Shriberg
  • Anne Catherine Simon

Organising committee

  • Antoine Auchlin
  • Jean-Philippe Goldman
  • Tea Pršir


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3rd SWIP - Swiss Workshop on Prosody
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