Reading Group - The Architecture of Language


there is a change in the schedule. Instead of taking place on next friday, we will meet for discussing Boeckx and Uriagereka's paper next monday (October 31) 12:00 - 14:00, still in the same room (L511, bâtiment Landolt, rue de Candolle 2). Sorry for the inconvenience.

This semester, we invite all interested students and faculty members to join in on a reading group in linguistics on the architecture of language and the interfaces of grammar, within the generative tradition.

At least since the publication of the Minimalist Program (Chomsky, 1995), focus in generative grammar theory has been put on the notion of interfaces. The main assumption is that syntax plays a mediator function between two cognitive systems: the Articulary-Motor system (sound) and the Conceptual-Intentional sytem (meaning). This assumption has deep implications for the architecture of language, but these implications are not always clearly put. Moreover, the type of model just described may have several implementations, notably concerning how syntax sends structure to its interfaces, and when.

The goal of this reading group is thus to tackle this issue head on, by trying to answer the following questions: What justifies the centrality of syntax in the model? How do the constraints imposed by the interfaces with PF and LF show in syntax? When and how is information sent to the interfaces ? How does the generativist model fare in the context of psycholinguistic models of language production and comprehension?
The reading group will meet more or less every two weeks on Friday, 12-14, in L511. Each session, one/two participant(s) will lead the discussion on a reading that we will share via dropbox/email. We already selected a few papers that will hopefully provide answers to our questions, but feel free to suggest others as the reading group advances.

The first meeting will be on October 28 31, 12:00-14:00 in L511, and we will kick off with a paper general enough for everyone to be on the same level: “Minimalism” by Cedric Boeckx & Juan Uriagereka (2007).

19 octobre 2016