Département de philosophie

Assistant en philosophie des sciences

Assistant in the philosophy of science

Ph.D. student of Michael Baumgartner


2014      M.A. Philosophy: The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland

2012      B.A. Majors: Philosophy, Catholic Studies: University of Saint Thomas, Saint Paul, MN, USA 


  1. 2015-03: Philosophy Week, in Lublin/Poland; talk “Novelty or Rediscovery: On the concept of Transdisciplinary”
  2. 2015-04: OZSW- Out with the old and in with the new, in Nijmegen/Netherlands; talk: “Innovation or Revival: The Idea of Interdisciplinary”.   
  3. 2015-05: Kierunki Badawcze w Filozofii IX Ogólnopolska Filozofia Doktorantów (Directions of research in philosophy: IX doctoral conference in philosophy), in Krakow/Poland; talk “Clarifying the mess: towards a definition of interdisciplinary”. 
  4. 2015-06: University—philosophy as the foundation of knowledge, action, ethos in Łódż/Poland; talk: “Towards a Definition of Interdisciplinary: On the Views of Holbrook and Mondi”.
  5. 2015-07:  Philosopher’s Rally, in Lublin/Poland; talk: “Children In The Fog: Towards A Definition Of Multidisciplinary”.