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Framework for Formal Ontology Truthmaking Relations
States of Affairs Properties, Tropes Métaphysique et Ontologie
Relations and Predicates Dependence

Mind and Value

Perception Imagination Primitive Certainty
Emotion and Value Knowledge Gestalt

On and Against Continental Philosophy

Analytic vs Continental Anti-Derrida
Genauigkeit und Geschwätz

History: Austrian Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Realist Phenomenology

Wittgenstein & Austrian Philosophy Varia Brentano, Husserl, Meinong
Sur l'histoire de l'approche analytique de l'histoire de la philosophie: de Bolzano et Brentano à Bennett et Barnes Reinach vs Austin Musil


How to Destroy a European Faculty of Letters Les nationalismes La philosophie autrichienne de Bolzano à Musil Drei Briten in Kakanien
What's Wrong with Contemporary Philosophy?