Département de Philosophie

Faculté des lettres, Université de Genève

15th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology

University of Geneva, Switzerland, 9-12 July 2007

The Department of Philosophy of the University of Geneva and the Swiss National Center for Competence in Research "Affective Sciences" invite you to the 15th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, which will take place from the 9th to the 12th of July 2007 in Geneva.

Invited speakers: James Blair (MINH, Bethesda, USA; The development of the moralities and immoralities: The brain bases and cognitive-affective functional processes), Michael Waldmann (Göttingen, Germany; The Causality of Moral Dilemmas), Zoltan Szabo (Yale, USA; The determination of content), Keith Stenning (Edinburg, GB; The origin of specialties) and Paul Harris (Harvard, USA; Trust in testimony).

There will be invited symposia on mutual exclusivity, opened by Josef Perner (Salzburg) with Ellen Markman (Stanford), Lori Markson (Berkeley) and Martin Doherty (Stirling), on causal reasoning, opened by Johannes Roessler (Warwick) with Josef Perner (Salzburg) and Fred Schueler (New Mexico), on attention in neuropsychology and philosophy, opened by Martin Davies (Oxford) with Anne Aumola Davies (ANU), Philippe Chuard (Southern Methodist University), Robert Rafal (Bangor) and Patrick Vuillemier (Geneva), and on moral emotions, opened by Kevin Mulligan (Geneva) with Peter Goldie (Manchester), Paul Harris (Harvard) and Klaus Scherer (Geneva).

The local organiser is Kevin Mulligan, the conference coordinator Philipp Keller. Please feel free to contact with any questions.

Geneva hosts the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences which is one of 20 National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR) established by the Swiss federal government. With the University of Geneva as its home institution, the Centre coordinates collaborative research by psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, historians, economists, social scientists, and legal scholars. The Centre's research program is structured around three aspects of emotions: emotions as complex multi-faceted reactions to our surroundings, emotions as disruptive states requiring control and regulation, and emotions as themselves a regulating force in society. Consequently the individual research projects are organised around three domains of research related to these aspects :

  • emotion elicitation and perception,
  • emotion regulation,
  • and social functions of emotions.

The conference is supported by the Rectorate, the "Commission Administrative" and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Geneva, the Société Académique (Geneva), the Marie Gretler Foundation (Zurich), the Swiss Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (ASSH/SAGW), Blackwell Publishing and the Conférence Universitaire de la Suisse Occidentale.

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