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The genevan research group on emotions, values and norms

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Jean Moritz Mueller will be visiting Thumos as a post-doctoral researcher from August to October.

A series of blog posts on negative emotions arising from our successful workshop on negative emotions is available on The History of Emotions Blog (here).


Next activities

The schedule of the Thumos' seminars is available here.


Recent publications

"Emotional Justification" by S. Echeverri is forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (preview)

The Nature of Desire edited by F. Lauria & J. Deonna is forthcoming in Oxford University Press

"The Tangled Web of Agency" (Commentary on John M. Doris's Talking to Our Selves: Reflection, Ignorance, and Agency) by A. Pe-Curto, J. Deonna & D. Sander is forthcoming in Behavioral and Brain Sciences

"Emotionnally guiding our actions" by M. Carman has appeared in Canadian Journal of Philosophy

"In Pursuit of Emotional Modes: The Philosophy of Emotion After James" by F. Teroni has been published in A. Cohen and B. Stern (eds.), Thinking About the Emotions: A Philosophical History, Oxford University Press

"The Metaphysics of Economic Exchanges" by O. Massin & E. Tieffenbach has appeared in Journal of Social Ontology

"Incommenturability and Trade" by N. Eyal & E. Tieffenbach has appeared in The Monist


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