Poisson 2016  |  Geneva and Zurich

School June 27 - July 2  |  Conference July 4 - 8

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Poster session

The poster session will take place during one of the coffee breaks on Tuesday, July 5.

Poster format can be portrait or landscape, with size no larger than 60x90 cm or 23x35 in (~A1 paper size).

Please send the pdf files with the posters to poisson2016@unige.ch by Monday, June 20. You can either print your poster yourself and bring it with you, or have us print it for you.

List of posters

  1. Constantin Arcuş (Romania), "Poisson generalized lie algebras (algebroids)" and "Contravariant connection theory on modules"
  2. Mohammad Jawad Azimi (Coimbra), "Nijenhuis and L_\infty-algebras related to Lie algebroids"
  3. Michael Bailey (Utrecht), "Weakly holomorphic symplectic groupoids, and generalized complex geometry"
  4. Francis Bischoff (Toronto), "Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for connections with logarithmic singularities"
  5. Damien Bouloc (Toulouse), "Singular fibers of the bending flows on the moduli space of 3d polygons"
  6. Antonio De Nicola (Coimbra) and Chiara Esposito (Würzburg), "Reduction of pre-Hamiltonian actions"
  7. Marine Fontaine (Manchester), "Explicit symmetry breaking for Hamiltonian systems with symmetries"
  8. Tamás F. Görbe (Szeged), "Lax representation of the hyperbolic van Diejen system with two coupling parameters"
  9. Ralph Klaasse (Utrecht), "Fibrations and log-symplectic structures"
  10. Stéphane Korvers (Luxembourg), "From quantum moment maps to deformation quantizations on bounded symmetric domains"
  11. Melinda Lanius (UIUC), "A-Symplectic Geometry"
  12. Hudson Lima (IMPA), "On Courant Algebroids Local Forms and Linearization"
  13. Jiefeng Liu (Jilin University) and Yunhe Sheng (Jilin University), "QP-structures of degree 3 and LWX 2-algebroids"
  14. Yiannis Loizides (Toronto), "Norm-square localization for quasi-Hamiltonian spaces"
  15. Kevin Luk (Toronto), "Logarithmic Picard Algebroids and Meromorphic Line Bundles"
  16. Mykola Matviichuk (Toronto), Marco Gualtieri (Toronto) and Geoffrey Scott (Toronto), "Deformation theory of Dirac structures via L_\infty-algebras"
  17. Nikita Nikolaev (Toronto), "The Exact WKB Method is Abelianisation"
  18. Inocencio Ortiz (IMPA), Henrique Bursztyn (IMPA) and Stefan Waldmann (Würzburg), "Morita equivalence of formal Poisson structures"
  19. Joseph Palmer (University of California, San Diego), "The combinatorial invariant of semitoric manifolds"
  20. Matt Peddie (Manchester) and Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Manchester), "The modular class of an odd Poisson manifold"
  21. Mikołaj Rotkiewicz (Warsaw) and Michał Jóźwikowski (Polish Academy of Sciences), "Models for higher algebroids"
  22. Vladimir Salnikov (Luxembourg), "Graded geometry in gauge theories"
  23. Xiudi Tang (University of California, San Diego), "Stability of volume forms on noncompact bundles"
  24. Alfonso Giuseppe Tortorella (Florence), Hong Van Le (Czech Academy of Sciences), Luca Vitagliano (Salerno), "Jacobi bundles and the BFV-complex"
  25. Eduardo Velasco-Barreras (Universidad de Sonora) and Yury Vorobiev (Universidad de Sonora), "Semilocal splitting of Poisson vector fields"
  26. Joel Villatoro (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign), "Picard Groups of b-Symplectic Manifolds"
  27. Xiaomeng Xu (Geneva), "Stokes phenomenon, dynamical R-matrices and quantum groups"
  28. Roy Wang (Utrecht), "Rigidity of solutions to PDE's with symmetry"