Anthony Conway


Contact :

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Lower Mountjoy Stockton Road
Durham, DH1 3LE
United Kingdom

Office: CM123

Email: Anthonyyconway(at)gmail(dot)com

I am currently a postdoc at Durham University (supported by the Swiss FNS). Before that, from September 2014 to October 2017, I was a Ph.D student at the University of Geneva under the supervision of David Cimasoni. I also spent the fall of 2016 at Indiana University, Bloomington and the winter of 2017 at UQAM, Montréal. Here is a CV.

Research Interests :

My research interests lie in low dimensional topology. More precisely, I study various link invariants and I have a growing interest in link concordance.

Publications and preprints

  1. A multivariable Casson-Lin type invariant
    (with Léo Bénard)
    May 2018, preprint
  2. Conway's potential function via the Gassner representation
    (with Solenn Estier)
    September 2017, preprint
  3. Linking forms revisited
    (with Stefan Friedl and Gerrit Herrmann)
    Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly 12 (2016), 493-515.
  4. An explicit computation of the Blanchfield pairing for arbitrary links
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics 70 (2018), 983-1007.
  5. Multivariable signatures, genus bounds and 0.5-solvable cobordisms
    (with Matthias Nagel and Enrico Toffoli)
    March 2017, preprint
    (May 2018, v2 improves invariance under 1-solvable cobordism to invariance under 0.5-solvable cobordism.)
  6. The Blanchfield pairing of colored links
    (with Stefan Friedl and Enrico Toffoli)
    Indiana Univ. Math. J. (to appear)
  7. L^2-Burau maps and L^2-Alexander torsions
    (with Fathi Ben Aribi)
    Osaka J. Math. 55 (2018), 529-545.
  8. A Burau-Alexander 2-functor on tangles
    (with David Cimasoni)
    Fund. Math. 240 (2018), 51-79.
  9. Splitting numbers and signatures
    (with David Cimasoni and Kleopatra Zacharova)
    Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 144 (2016), 5443-5455.
  10. Burau maps and twisted Alexander polynomials
    Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. 61 (2018) 479-497
  11. Colored tangles and signatures
    (with David Cimasoni)
    Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 164 (2018), 493-530.

Phd Thesis

Invariants of colored links and generalizations of the Burau representation .

Unpublished notes :

Some notes on Algebraic concordance and the Casson-Gordon invariants.
Some notes on the Levine-Tristram signature function.


Topology and geometry Seminar: Autumn 2017 and previous semesters.

Graduate Seminar: Spring 2017 and previous semesters.