Christoforos Neofytidis

Publications and Preprints

  • Virtual Betti numbers of mapping tori of 3-manifolds
       Preprint: arXiv:1810.03057.

  • Steenrod problem and the domination relation
       (with J.-F. Lafont), Preprint: arXiv:1808.03991.

  • Anosov diffeomorphisms of products II. Aspherical manifolds
       Preprint: arXiv:1806.03447.

  • On a problem of Hopf for circle bundles over aspherical manifolds with hyperbolic fundamental groups
       Preprint: arXiv:1712.03582.

  • Sets of degrees of maps between SU(2)-bundles over the 5-sphere
       (with J.-F. Lafont), Transform. Groups (to appear).

  • Anosov diffeomorphisms of products I. Negative curvature and rational homology spheres
       Preprint: arXiv:1709.05511.

  • Domination between different products and finiteness of associated semi-norms
       Preprint: arXiv:1705.09943.

  • Invariant incompressible surfaces in reducible 3-manifolds
       (with S. Wang), Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems (to appear).

  • Ordering Thurston's geometries by maps of non-zero degree
       J. Topol. Anal. (to appear).

  • Degrees of self-maps of products
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  • Fundamental groups of aspherical manifolds and maps of non-zero degree
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  • On stability of non-domination under taking products
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  • Branched coverings of simply connected manifolds
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  • On three-manifolds dominated by circle bundles
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    Borel Seminar 2018: Topology and Dynamics in the Swiss Alps